Why Is DP Whey Protein The Best For Muscle Building?

Why Is DP Whey Protein The Best For Muscle Building?

Why Is DP Whey Protein The Best For Muscle Building?

Why Is DP Whey Protein The Best For Muscle Building?


Surveillance if taken in accordance, there exist 2 kinds of gym enthusiasts, one who prefers relatively cheap protein and the other opting for prioritized one. 

When it comes to staunch mass gain and body-building DP Whey protein is considered the most effective supplement to be in-taken. If you are going through this blog, that basically means you already know what whey protein is.

In order to summarize,

Whey protein is the concoction of proteins isolated from whey. The substance of milk in the form of liquid separated during the production of cheese. In a nutshell, whey is 20% of milk; and the remaining 80% named as casein.

Answering the prime question, why is Whey Protein the best for muscle building? The inclusion, quality and superiority that it has is a way lot better than other protein supplements available out-there.

Protein Segregation As Body Needs

Whey protein serves segregated substantial benefits as per the need of the body:

  1. Concentrate
  2. Isolate
  3. Hydrolysate

Comparatively, the concentrate is considered the supreme whey protein due to the inclusion of lactose i.e. milk sugar, carbs and fat. It comprises of about 70%-80% of protein with suitable flavor.

Isolate consist of lactose, but less quantity of carbs and fat compared to concentrate. Protein level it contains is 90% which is quite higher than the concentrate one.

Hydrolyzed known as Hydrolyses as well, whey has a faster absorbing tendency and the taste it makes prior is more bitter. Majority of supplement makers and available whey protein in Malaysia incorporates less of hydrolyses, due to lesser benefits and expensive cost.

Overall sayings, no matter how beneficial and popular concentrate whey is, many have considered isolate to be more worth it.

Efficient Muscle Recovery & Growth

One of the acceptable reasons why is whey protein the best for muscle building is that it contains BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) which helps to repair muscle tissues. On the other end, it fuels-up the workouts providing required energy and increment in stamina.

Whey is primarily addressed for supporting the recovery and growth of muscles. Generally, post-workouts causes muscle breakdown due to several exercises. Strengthening provokes micro-tears in muscle fibers leading to aches and soreness.

BCAA mainly Leucine augments protein synthesis and reduces muscle breakdown and rapid recovery.

Expeditious Absorption & Building Blocks

When consuming other proteins available viz. meat and casein, the digestion process of whey are faster. Amino acids play a significant role in absorption. Whey has all necessary amino acids that a body urges for, and the same aids to build blocks supplementing complete protein.

Whey’s absorption rate persists between 8-10 grams per hour, whereas casein protein’s rate to absorb is about 5 grams in the same duration.

Whey is basically high in amino acid which stimulates muscle protein synthesis at genetic and molecular extent.

Faster Metabolism

Whey protein with Low carb and low-fat boost the metabolism more than that of soy or milk-based proteins. 25% of the boost in metabolism is seen on in-taking whey protein shake for breakfast or after workouts. Basically, whey is low in calories, high in lean protein and simultaneously easy to prepare.

Examiners in Swiss tested the thermogenic effects of several proteins by ingesting a meal inclusive of casein, soy and whey. 459 kcal with 1/2 the calories from each meal comparing the same with a controlled meal containing carbohydrates.

High level of energy expenditure resulted from 3 of the protein meals than carbohydrates calculated post-5 hours.

Over 5.5 hours of time whey protein resulted in an additional 34 kcal and higher fat oxidation compared to carbohydrate.  

All in all, the examination confirmed that whey protein has the highest thermogenic effect and increases the energy expenditure than carbohydrates and other sources of protein. 

Accelerates Endurance

Working out 24/7 won’t help you build a body you are expecting to see. Following a proper diet would help to some extent but up to the limit. In order to repair the tissues, re-build your body and re-sculpt into the desired shape you desire.

It is a saying that “you are what you eat”.

Obviously, things will bring up a huge difference based on what you eat and when you eat; despite that of your work-outs. It brings up the quality within yourself improving the physical appearance and endurance, i.e. the capacity to tolerate.

Increases Hormones

Understanding why is whey protein the best for muscle building the altogether process of whey would ultimately affect the hormones. According to previous observations, whey increases the release of anabolic hormones that stimulate muscle growth such as insulin.


  • For pushing protein synthesis, Whey tops the list of mass-gain supplements
  • The higher level of (BCAA) branched-chain amino acids consists of this milk protein
  • It has a faster digestive tendency
  • Repairs the broken-down muscle tissues
  • Rapidly builds muscles
  • Contains small proteins as peptides which increases the blood flow to the muscles
  • Helps in building blocks
  • Assists in the absorption process
  • Improves immunity system
  • Perfecting abdominal shape
  • Perfects the biceps
  • Increase stamina and reduces appetite control
  • Promotes bone growth
Other Facts How & Why Is Whey Protein The Best For Muscle Building::
  • It helps treat 2 different types of diabetes viz: impaired function of insulin and high blood sugar
  • Lowering the blood pressure
  • Helps to reduce the inflammation
  • Beneficial for inflammatory bowel disease
  • Improves the body’s defenses
  • Effects over blood fats
  • Reduces hunger as protein is super filling
  • Extremely effective in reducing or losing weight. It is higher effect in burning the fats and satiety when compared to other available whey protein in Malaysia and across the globe
  • Anti-tumorous protein – helps to fight the cause of cancer. Also known as anti-cancer
  • Assists in reducing cholesterol
  • Improves bone health in female
  • Super supportive for healthy heart
  • Increases stamina
  • Accelerates energy level
  • Body composition improvement
  • Prevents an age-related loss in muscles
  • Keeps liver healthier – Whey treats non-alcoholic fatty liver disease for up to 20% to 30%
  • Cognitive health – Neurotransmitters normally helps to determine how you feel, think and act in each & every minute moment of life. It supports mental performance in times of stress
  • Helps in balancing the mood or mental outcomes


  1. 30 minutes prior work-out, consume 20 grams of whey protein powder and add up 40 grams within the period of 60 minutes post training. 
  2. Do intake of about 20-40 grams of whey instantly on waking up every morning in order to kick start a muscles-full day. 
  3. Prefer the whey powder that best fits your body needs.
  4. Choosing a suitable powder for faster digestion should be protein hydrolysates or whey protein isolate.
  5. For better outcome, confer with adviser or expert in the niche discussing detailed plan you need to carry on.


The natural process of adding muscle is just by eating healthy food and weight lifting. In a true manner, this process may not work for everyone, even though it does, will take 10 times more duration to acquire so. The right way to get it done in minimal desired time is consuming suggested supplements.

Make sure which supplement suits your body; and how can you opt for a qualitative whey protein that fits your budget overall. 


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