Whey Protein Powder For Women

Whey Protein Powder For Women

Whey Protein Powder For Women

Can Women Take Whey Protein? | DP Whey Depot Malaysia
Women are Shy

Majority of women are literally uncomfortable when asked to add Whey Protein in the daily consumption dietary plan. The reason behind is, they assume consistent intake of protein will make their body bulky. The fact is, supplements are categorized according to the requirement of the body. If a woman has a good maintain weight she has to opt for a protein supplement that helps to reduce and to maintain weight instead of in-taking mass builder kind of protein.

Precede jumping to the conclusion, a woman has to consult a physician or a nutritionist to start up with Whey Protein. This would not only improve their health but keep a woman’s appearance younger at any age.

6 Effects Elaborating ‘Can Women Take Whey Protein?’

Enhanced Body Composition

A measured 1 spoon of protein powder or a glass of whey shake will advantage a woman more immediately after workouts, than in other times of the day. Like men, it assists too in repairing muscles and rebuilding damaged muscle fibres.

Particularly, in skinny women, the factors that do not make them appear attractive are: Skeleton-Like Body Structure, Segmented and Un-Paired Body Muscles, Unsuitable Breast & Hips make one look so unattractive.

To avoid living with such an unpleasant body, preferring something healthy like whey protein would bring a big change in a woman’s personality and life. 

And we know attraction belongs to a young, beautiful and a healthy woman, not a granny.  

Suggested Whey Protein – ‘DP Whey Depot’ for Women

Lose Weight Burning Fats

It has been observed that women who consume protein in their diet following regular workouts have lost weight with satisfying results. BCAA, which is Branched-Chain Amino Acids that help tissue recovery and reduce weight on a consumption basis. In order to reduce weight followed by whey protein, women need to cut down the calorie intake on a daily footing.  

Control Hunger

When an over-weighted woman given a cup of whey shake, it kills the cravings for food and controls extreme & small hunger. Women, when given a glass of water to kill the mid-night hunger, control it for about 1-2 hours, whereas whey doesn’t cause a craving for a longer time.  

Negative Effects If Whey Not Consumed

Usually, women tend to not consume whey protein. It has been observed, the women who lack in proper intake of protein suffer from several issues, as:

  • Developing Osteoporosis – An increased risk where bones become fragile and brittle due to loss of tissues. It normally develops due to lack of Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D or hormonal changes.
  • Oedema – Excess of watery fluid in the cavity or tissues of the body
  • Slow Metabolism Process
  • Obesity
  • Thinning of the hair (leading to partial or patch baldness)
  • Fragile & Stained Fingernails and toenails as well

These issues initiate at smaller-stage gradually taking it into severe circumstances.

The recommended method to get rid of the above issues or prevent oneself from it, women have to consume whey shakes on a day-to-day base. The quantity of absorbing the same should be reduced to 1-2 spoon in a day, which is quite controlled and limited compared to that of men’s intake quantity.

Women Look Older Than Her Age Than Men At Same Age

Where did the string ‘Can women take whey protein’ navigating to? It has an indirect connection with the fundamental needs of our body. 

The most un-revealed and hidden mystery behind what makes women look older than her age, when compared to men at the same age. 

Old school experts do always come-up with repeated to-do activities to stay younger, some of the to-dos are:

  • Eating Healthy Food
  • Having Fruits
  • Living a Stress-Free Life and more

Well, these reasons are valid, genuine and 100% acceptable!

To the research based on WP WHEY DEPOT there are some more primary reasons, that keep even a woman aged 50 appear as of 30 years old:

a. Smile On Face

There’s a way a lot of difference in living a stress-free life and being always cheerful!

When experts say DO NOT STRESS OUT, what comes in your mind first? Is it stopping worrying about things or being irresponsible neglecting negative occurrence around you?

If you think the above-said method is the right answer, you are 70% wrong. Not worrying about things is agreeable but managing the negative circumstance with a cheerful and jovial face turns the situation into positivity. This not only guides us in making the right decision & resolving plans but encourages physical appearance to stay healthy and glowing.

And this is exactly how you stop ageing appear on the face.

b. Consumption Of Water After Every 1 Hour With 30 Sips

A doctor recommends drinking 8-10 glasses of water in a day. If you imagine, are these numbers of water glasses sufficient to circulate & purify blood or maintain the organs of your body for 24 hours?

Even though it fulfils internal necessity, won’t fill up the needs of external appearances.

To keep yourself away from looking older at on-going age, one’s skin should have a tendency of releasing freshness and glow out of the skin. Which is only possible when you consume about 13 glasses of water in 24 hours, the logical calculation would count 1 glass after 1 hour. It doesn’t mean you wake up at night after every 1 hour to gulp water. Basically 13 glasses in 24 hours, this means to get hydrated in 16 active hours when you are awake.  Adding up 1 more glass can additionally cover the need for thirst or an extra meal.

It ain’t worth if one keeps on guzzling a glass of water in few sips i.e. within the un-natural period of drinking water.

The method of drinking water MUST BE RIGHT!

Naturally, water gives its benefits and results in 2 ways:

  1. Immediate Urinating (i.e. on expediting process of drinking the water in seconds)
  2. Proper Ingestion Of Oxygen In a Body & Glowing Skin (i.e. the slow intake of water fulfilling the need of every organ of the body)

The proof of 1st outcome is seen, when prior to the Sonography Test it is usually asked to drink a bottle of water so you build up urine to proceed with the test. This clarifies, that drinking a lot of water at once fastly, only converts water into the urine, but does not give enough benefit to the body.

The second outcome happens when a person drinks up a glass of water in at least 30 sips with 3 breath release break. I know this would sound a bit difficult, but is the only right method of benefiting our body with water.

Every small sip of water gets ingested with required minerals and oxygen it carries which makes our organs live longer, stay healthy and functioning.

And the same gives the charm on external parts of the body, specifically facial look.

c. Intake Of Whey Protein

I can say intake of protein, but to let you know that Whey is the richest protein beneficial for every means that a body needs.

d. Sweat Your Toxins

The easiest and natural way of detoxifying your body is by making yourself sweat, which is possible through several exercises. The daily workouts, jogging and other exercises will help you release toxins in the form of sweat. It helps extract dead cells stuck in the skin fading the marks on the face that literally gives an uglier look.

Apart from looks, routine exercise is an aid to keep muscles and bones active.

This is what fitness is about!


Can women take whey protein? 

In a nutshell, in today’s health-concerned world, when you filter the usage of protein takers, you’ll find them much healthier with increased stamina compared to others. For a better result, begin with DP Whey Depot categorized proteins, taking the proper advice from the dealer in Malaysia.

Note: A pregnant women must speak-up to a physician prior to initiating with protein absorption. 

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