Understanding Glutamine and how it Affects your Health

Understanding Glutamine and how it Affects your Health

Understanding Glutamine and how it Affects your Health

Do you know Glutamine is the essential amino acid which is found in the muscles? In fact, 62% of skeletal muscles contain Glutamine. It is Glutamine which transports nitrogen throughout your muscle cells and 19% of nitrogen is included in Glutamine.

When you exercise or work out rigorously, your body starts losing Glutamine adversely. This is the reason why you might feel lesser strength and this also lessens the speed of recovery time as well. In general, your body will take up to six days to return to normal Glutamine level. Also, protein synthesis requires Glutamine too. According to a study, L-Glutamine can help in minimizing the breakdown of muscle tissues and can boost protein metabolism.

How good is L-Glutamine Powder for your Health?

Since by now you have understood that Glutamine plays an essential role in protein synthesis, anti-catabolism, as well as cell volumizing, its anti-catabolism ability lets Glutamine minimise the breakdown of muscle tissues in your body.

Glutamine can also be beneficial for those people who wish to lose weight during the summer but without losing any muscles. This is a great supplement for you if you want to cut down the excessive fat. Your body needs it to perform well and gives you the best performance results. You might not know, but it is your small intestine which requires most of the Glutamine, plus to keep your immune system all pumped up, Glutamine is required. As we have already told you that when you work out excessively, your body starts losing Glutamine slowly and it can take up to six days’ time to recover the lost element. Bodybuilder’s, unfortunately, suffer the most when they lose Glutamine and they become prone to illness as well.
Remember, your body needs it, not to increase the glutamine in your body, but to maintain its level.

Here are some of its Benefits:

If you are have not tried using Glutamine yet, then maybe it’s time you should. Especially after reading the benefits that you can gain from using glutamine, we are sure, you will start using it soon. Read the following benefits:

  1. Glutamine is necessary for protein synthesis. It helps in reducing muscles when you exercise in order to enhance Glutamine content in the body.
  2. During an intense workout, your body starts losing glutamine, taking Glutamine externally would mean you are supplementing on the lost glutamine without worrying about it.
  3. Research says that glutamine enhances your immune system too. A weak immune system would mean inviting illness. Particularly bodybuilders tend to have a weaker immune system because of their rigorous workout sessions.
  4. Your small intestines need it and it is one of the most crucial nutrients for it too.

According to research, glutamine is an essential amino acid which every bodybuilder needs. No other amino acid will provide you with the vital muscle metabolism and cellular support compound as Glutamine does.

Some of the Food items that you can Eat to Receive Natural Glutamine

Meat: Meat, as we all know, is rich in protein. Any food item which has a higher amount of protein will have glutamine. You can consume meat items like beef, lamb, and chicken. These are the best sources of glutamine.
Seafood: Another good source of glutamine is seafood. Fish, in general, are rich in glutamine. So, if you enjoy eating bakes river sole, and grilled salmon, then you are in luck. You are already getting your healthy dose of glutamine.
Milk: Milk is good for your bones and it enhances the glutathione production in your body. Since it has rich anti-oxidant properties, it is good for your body too. You should make it a point to drink one glass of milk daily to keep the glutamine content intact in your body.
Nuts: Eating a handful of nuts every day can build glutamine content in your body. Just a handful of combined nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, some nuts, and peanuts will be enough.
Eggs: If you are someone who works out daily, then eating eggs for breakfast will be highly beneficial for you. Not just glutamine, it also provides essential Vitamin K, Vitamin B and B12. Don’t eat an omelette, have boiled eggs.
Protein Shakes: If you are an athlete, then add protein shakes in your diet. They taste good and are one of the most important sources of amino acid which is glutamine. You can drink whey protein. It helps in protein synthesis and helps in building muscles.
Beans: Another good source of glutamine is beans. Beans, for example, soy and kidney beans are gull of glutamine.

What are the Side Effects of Glutamine?

Every person worries about side-effects, but you will be glad to know that glutamine sets you free from side effects. Studies have shown that glutamine is healthy to take and it doesn’t cause any side-effects. Yes, if you take an excessive amount of L-Glutamine supplement, then you can have an upset tummy, but otherwise, it is safe to take.

What is the Recommended Dosage of Glutamine?
If you are into bodybuilding, then taking 10 to 15 grams of L-Glutamine on a daily basis that too for 2 to 3 times is enough for you. Each serving of 10 to 15 grams of L-Glutamine will give you around 5 grams of glutamine. Be mindful that you must be already getting glutamine from your normal diet too. We will suggest you read the labels of L-Glutamine supplement before taking it. The best time to consume Glutamine is to have it with breakfast, after you finish your workout, and also before you go to bed.

Why should you be Taking L-Glutamine?
By now you must have gained knowledge about how L-Glutamine effects our body, it is important to note that L-Glutamine supplements are not just necessary for a bodybuilder, but for everyone who wants to stay fit and healthy. When glutamine gets synthesized in your body it gets transferred through your blood and goes to the small intestine, kidneys, and liver.  It helps in gaining muscle and stops muscle-waste, it improves the immune system and presents life-threatening diseases such as IDS and cancer.
So, go ahead and take Glutamine because your body needs it.

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