Top 10 Foods to Lose Weight Fast 2020

Top 10 Foods to Lose Weight Fast 2020

Top 10 Foods to Lose Weight Fast 2020

We all know the struggle we have to go through when we want to lose some weight. To come in your help we brought you Top 10 Foods to Lose Weight. In our list, we put some of the Best Foods to Lose Weight that are, for sure, going to be of great aid in achieving your goal.

Now, we have a few tips that will definitely help you in choosing the best foods for your weight loss journey. Firstly, try eating foods that aren’t very processed, since they tend to have added sugar, salt, fats, etc. Second, try eating as many vegetables and eat protein-rich foods because they make you feel less hungry throughout the day. This choice leads to less snacking between meals and more energy. Last, but not least, try to avoid foods that are rich in sugar, salt, carb, and bad fats. Below are the best foods for weight loss.



Salmon is an amazing fish. It has plenty of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and good fats, all of them providing wonderful healthy meat. For every 100g of salmon, you get around 20g of protein and, depending on the species, between 100-200 calories. This is a great deal. Since you can eat a lot of fish and have a small calorie intake.



Eggs are one of the cheapest aliments around the world. They provide you with a strong punch of proteins and fats that will keep you saturated for a good part of the day. The best way to cook them will be through processes that don’t add more calories to them, like frying.

3.Chicken Meat

Chicken Meat.jpg

Chicken is the most widespread farm animal on the globe with them being almost 3 times more than people. Chicken meat is in most countries one of the cheapest meat available. It is very versatile, therefore you can cook it in several ways. 

4. Tomatoes


Tomatoes are abundant in a powerful antioxidant that will help regulate your blood pressure and keep you healthy. Raw tomatoes are 95% water so you can eat great quantities of them without increasing your caloric intake with more than a couple hundred. They are also great when cooked, but they lose many of their properties this way.



Salad is the primary aliment we envision when we think about weight loss and healthy meals. A big concentration of vitamin A will help you to lose weight in no time. It offers low calories for 100g, around 23, so you can eat as much as you want. The salad is so popular thanks to its compatibility with almost everything. It is so versatile that you can pair it with almost every item from this article. A great meal idea is to combine the salad with tomatoes and chicken breast together with other vegetables and plain yogurt or some non processed cheese. 

6.Plain Yogurt

Plain yogurt.jpg

Plain yogurt is used in many recipes and allows us to use it in a lot of ways. The best yogurt is the one with full fat because the other ones are being put in substitutes like sugar. The substitutes have the role of giving the yogurt a better taste. You can eat the yogurt in the morning with some eggs or at lunch next to your chicken meat or at dinner by integrating it into sauces. You have a lot of ways to eat it and this versatility placed it in our “Top 10 Foods to Lose Weight”



Celery is one of the foods that have almost 0 calories. For a 100g of celery, you get merely 14 calories, so it is safe to assume that you can eat as much as you want. Celery is one of the Best Foods to Lose Weight, not only because of its low calories but because it is very healthy and contains a big number of vitamins and minerals.



An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Although this phrase is not necessarily true, apples possess plenty of good nutrients like fiber and antioxidants that will make sure to keep you in good shape. Besides these benefits, apples are very filling for their caloric count and thus have proved themself an amazing healthy snack. Apples can be used in making juices and sweet recipes that will be a great treat after a full day of hard work.



Soups are one of the oldest dishes in human history. They have a very wide range of tastes, ways of making, textures, and more. They are a powerful tool you can use in your journey towards weight loss. The reasons why they are so amazing are countless. Firstly, they make you feel very full with a relatively low caloric impact since they contain a lot of water. The second reason is the fact that they are easy to make and you can get a lot of meals from a pot of soup, besides they are pretty cheap per serving. The last reason is the fact that they are versatile and you can make soup from pretty much anything and still taste good, plus you have plenty of options when it comes to taste so you won’t grow bored of soup pretty soon. Because of all these reasons, soups are one of the Best Foods to Lose Weight.



Bananas used to be an exotic fruit but nowadays you can find it in all supermarkets and food stores. Bananas are a great source of potassium. They are sweet and can be used in preparing desserts that won’t affect your journey towards losing weight. A good dessert idea is banana pancakes. 

This was our list with Top 10 Foods to Lose Weight and we hope we gave you a good idea of what you should buy next time when you go to the supermarket. 

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