Top 10 Fitness Tips for Perfect Body Shape 2020

Top 10 Fitness Tips for Perfect Body Shape 2020

Top 10 Fitness Tips for Perfect Body Shape 2020

Today we have a Top 10 Fitness tips list that comes in your help to get the body you have always dreamt of. This list includes Fitness tips for women and men alike. These Fitness tips for Perfect Body Shape are some ideas that you can start now that will help you in your fitness journey.

  1. Eat the Breakfast
Eat the Breakfast.jpg

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and throughout our lives, we were told that it is the most important part of the day. Sometimes traditions are there with a reason. You should eat breakfast every day because you have many benefits from doing so. One benefit is the fact that you tend to be less hungry throughout the day, that you have fewer chances to snack on sweets or other less healthy foods. Another advantage is the fact that you feel better and you have more energy, this helps you be more motivated, and somewhat more prone to achieving your plans for the day, which hopefully include some type of exercise as well. These effects can be even more visible if you consume a breakfast consisting predominantly of protein and fats, and with fewer carbs, because it takes a lot more time to digest the first two. This gives you a constant influx of energy which is preferable than the sudden spike and drops you get from carbs.

  1. Stay Hydrated
Stay Hydrated.jpg

Maybe you heard about the old saying that you must drink eight glasses of water a day. This might not necessarily be true since for some people this quantity might be too much, while for others it might be too little. However, keeping hydrated is still an important thing to do. If you are hydrated you can think better, workout better, feel better, look better, and a lot of other benefits. You should have a bottle of water with you from which you can drink whenever you feel thirsty, especially when you workout.

  1. Meal Prep
Meal Prep.png

One of the most important parts about having a healthy life and a great body is paying attention to what you eat. Meal prepping is highly important because it helps you take care of what food you consume. This is critical, because our willpower it’s a finite resource, and it decreases throughout the day. This means that after a long day of work we are more inline to order some food or eat that bag of chips when we come home and there is no food prepared for us. Meal prep helps you stay healthy and save money by once a week, or at least the day before, thinking and preparing the food you are going to eat. This is one of the most significant tips and I believe it is one of the most helpful pieces of advice from this “Top 10 Fitness tips” article.

  1. Cardio

Next in our “Fitness tips for Perfect Body Shape” list, we have cardio. Cardio is an important part of the journey towards an amazing body shape. Cardio regards all the exercises that make your cardiovascular system work harder. The most known exercise is running. Doing cardio is important because it helps you burn calories, it accelerates your metabolic system and you overall feel and look better. Cardio does not negatively affect muscle gain, it even encourages it to some degree and helps you tone your body.

  1. Have a Cheat Meal
Have a Cheat Meal.jpg

Fitness tips for women or men most of the time don’t include this type of advice, and that is a  shame. We need to think about our psychological drive as well in our journey towards our dream body. Having a cheat meal is a great way to reward yourself for your hard work and the fact that you are doing so great. There is an emphasis put on the word meal because this way your body is less hindered by the change of pace from regular food to cheat meal. This doesn’t mean you must have a feast, you must eat carefully and take care of your body.

  1. Plan Workout and Prepare
Plan Workout and Prepare.jpg

Like the meal prep you need to think in advance when you are going to work out, and you must prepare yourself. You should get your workout clothes and accessories ready and have the time for the workout free. This is important because you may think you can swing it and still get the workouts done but so many times something intervenes or you don’t feel like going to work out. Remember, for a fit body you need consistency!

  1. Eat Protein
Eat Protein.jpeg

Proteins are one of the important macronutrients you need to consume for a healthy and balanced diet. Proteins are great because they help very much with your hunger, resulting in you not feeling the need to eat as much if you are trying to lose weight. They are however an amazing tool if you want to gain weight, especially muscle.

  1. Start Small
Start Small.jpg

Too many times we start a habit and we feel overwhelmed and slowly but surely quit it in the following weeks or months. We need to make a habit out of working out and eat a healthy diet, so start small. Make a goal of making at least 10 pushups a day, or going for a 10 minutes walk or cooking breakfast every night for the next day. Your body needs time to transform and you need to be consistent with your actions because nobody got fit from one workout or healthier from a salad. Take your time, start small, and grow.

  1. Build Muscle
Build Muscle

Muscles are great for several reasons. First, they look good and give your body a more pleasant look and they help you get the perfect body shape. Second of all, they consume energy, for each pound of muscle you need around fifty more calories to maintain them, so they are a great tool to help you lose weight, especially because if you are not a trained individual, you will grow muscle without too much of a struggle, besides the workout. Building muscle isn’t a necessary part of the popular “Fitness tips for women” because some women are scared to not get big and bulky, but this will most certainly not happen unless you wish to.  

  1. Take Photos and Measurements

One of the best “Fitness tips for Perfect Body Shape” is to hold yourself accountable. Take photos with your body during your progress, measure yourself. This will provide you a great deal of motivation in your trying times. Be careful with weighing yourself, since you might lose fat but gain muscle. Therefore, you will not necessarily lose weight on the scale, but you will certainly feel it and also see it in the mirror. 

With this, we ended our Top 10 Fitness tips list, and hope you are on the road to a perfect body shape this year!

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