The Scientific Reason to use Creatine

The Scientific Reason to use Creatine

The Scientific Reason to use Creatine

Bodybuilders and gym goers will understand why creatine is an important dietary supplement. Almost every bodybuilder consumes Creatine daily to stay healthy and avail its range of health benefits. Even research will tell you the same. Let’s get to know what it really is and why one should use it.

Creatine supplement has evolved tremendously and the more advanced it has become the better benefits it gives to the human body. Athletes, gym goers, and bodybuilders highly recommend the usage of Creatine. It truly delivers what it promises and that is improved strength along with more muscle size. 

Some of the Essential Benefits of Creatine
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  1. When you use creatine, it leaves a tremendous impact on the body. It lets you perform high-intensity work out session and helps you gain more muscle size. The creatine phosphate is said to provide type 11b muscle fibres with instant energy. The enhanced muscles let the athletes receive more energy, which results in more reps, increased sprint at a better rate, and more power in whatever exercise they perform or sport they take part in.
    If you don’t have enough creatine level in your body, you will not be able to perform well during high-intensity routines. Simple.
  2. In a recent study, research has shown that creatine has muscle regeneration properties too. According to one research conducted by Santos and colleagues in the year 2004, they examined 34 males. 18 of them were given 20 grams of creatine monohydrates each day repeatedly for five days. They mixed it with 60 grams of maltodextrine. They found that these 18 males showed a lower level of cell damage in comparison to the rest 16 who were given only maltodextrine. They noticed that creatine has somehow lowered the level of cell damage which is a good thing for athletes. Plus, reports also say that people using creatine supplement can recover faster from a rigorous exercise routine. Another reason why you should use it more often, particularly if you are an athlete.
  3. Another important advantage of using creatine is that it increases muscle mass. Creatine comes with a unique property which helps your muscles to inflate and that’s why athletes who use creatine have heavier looking muscle appearance.
  4. Creatine has healing properties too. Athletes often injure themselves during high-intensity work-out. This is when creatine can come handy. Reports suggest that creatine can improve bone healing. Cell energy is required for bone development. Creatine, as we have already come to know improves cellular energy in our body and hence it helps in recovering bone fracture.
  5. Most of the essential nutrients are available in non-vegetarian food items. People who consume only vegetarian food products, often lose important nutrients. Creatine can be a good dietary supplement for vegetarian people. Reports suggest that vegetarian lack essential creatine level and taking creatine supplement can be a boon and a good alternative for green leafy eaters. 
Who Should use Creatine?
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Although creatine solves a lot of problems, it should be used particularly by the following people:

  • If you are an athlete and a bodybuilder, then you must include creatine in your diet because it can give you the right amount of energy and kick that you need to perform better.
  • If you fall under the ageing group, then taking creatine can be good for you too. As it helps in osteoporosis.
  • If you are suffering from neurodegenerative disease, creatine supplement can help in curing the disease too.
  • People who have lower levels of creatine, particularly people who eat only vegetarian food products can gain a lot of benefits from creatine. 
Creatine in Food Items
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You can eat pork, red meat, fish, and poultry, to receive the goodness of creatine in abundance. Other products like eggs, dairy products, and shellfish can also provide creatine, but the quantity is lesser. If you like steak, then keep it medium cooked rather than cooked well done. Because in the former state, it losses creatine by 27% while in the latter state, it losses up to 35%. Creatine remains present in most of the juices of the meat, our suggestion would be to preserve it and use it later or with the meat to get the most benefit of creatine. 

How Much Creatine do you Really Need?
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The recommended dosage of creatine in the everyday diet is generally 5 grams a day. You will see many athletes consuming 20 grams of creatine a day because they lose it fast, however, they soon go back to their normal routine of taking only 5 grams of creatine a day after four or five days of using 20 grams of creatine. However, the standard amount to be taken is 5 grams daily. 

Some people might also see its benefit by taking as low as 3 grams a day, well, it all depends on how fast your body reacts to creatine, however you can take up to 5 grams a day as it doesn’t come with any side effects. 

Your body can absorb creatine easily, so don’t worry about it. We will recommend you to take creatine after the work out as it will help regain the lost muscle cells effectively. Although you can use creatine as per your physician’s recommendation too, but most of the bodybuilders will tell you that they mostly use it after their work out routine completes. 

By now, you know that your body needs creatine. Now, you can either take it as a supplement or through food products. But for those who would want to gain muscle mass for bodybuilding, we will highly recommend using creatine supplements too. Remember to keep the dosage limited by 5 grams a day and you will start seeing the results very soon. Research has shown the positive impact of creatine on the human body. It should be taken by athletes who are into cycling, bodybuilding, weight lifting, sprinting, swimming, and jumping. 

Bodybuilders and athletes have been using creatine since ages, but through this article, you must have gained insight into how even elders can gain benefit from this formula.

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