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DP Secret Weapon® Creatine 300 grams

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DP Secret Weapon® CREATINE - Unflavoured


Creatine as a dietary supplement has been scientifically proven to increase physical performance. In this role creatine has been approved by health regulatory bodies and sports agencies worldwide. It is known to be absorbed easily by the body and to have no harmful effects when properly manufactured and taken at the recommended dose.

Secret Weapon® CREATINE is manufactured in USA using highest standards in terms of quality, purity and safety.

Strength athlete lose creatine during intense bout of workout. Taking additional creatine may benefit especially to athletes who need extra creatine to build muscle, and ensure faster and more complete recovery as part of a training regime.

Secret Weapon® CREATINE with resistance exercise may increase fat-free mass and strength.

Suggested Use: Mix ONE scoop with 300ml water and consume twice per day preferably upon waking up and after workout.