armblaster1.jpgblack1.jpg Arm Blaster for Biceps Triceps Blaster

RM 150.00

Get PUMPED today! Arm Blaster is an exercise gear used during Barbell/Dumbbell Curls and Reverse Curls. It is a piece of curved aluminum about 24″ long and 4″ high that is designed to be worn around the neck when performing bicep curls and cable triceps push-downs.

ARM BLASTER is used for these exercises:

Barbell/Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Barbell/Dumbbell Reverse Bicep Curls

Cable Triceps Push-down

Cable Reverse Triceps Push-down Arm Blaster promotes proper form while also isolating biceps and triceps. It does this by keeping arms in a fixed position against your trunk.

Get Arm Blaster today and pump your arms to next level. 

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