Post-Workout and Recovery

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Why should you take a Post-Workout Supplement?
When you work out at a gym or home, your body goes through a transition phase. You sweat a lot, and you lose a lot of calories too. Because your body undergoes some changes, it makes sense to give it the right amount of nutrients to not feel tired and to avoid muscle loss and energy. This is the reason why there are Post-Workout health supplements. People who work out regularly usually consume Whey Depot and Secret Weapon Amino. The basic idea to consume post-workout nutrients is to enhance the performance of your body and let it deal with the overall recovery in an effective way.

In general, any post-workout health supplements have three specific purposes to solve. It replenishes glycogen, it lowers protein breakdown, and finally increases protein synthesis in the body. In simple words, post-workout supplement replenishes the energy lost during the workout; it helps in maintaining the quality of muscles and also increase its size and finally repair any damaged caused during the workout session. Post-workout supplements are ideal for those who would like to have improved performance and would like their body to remain injury-free.

Whenever we work out, our body suffers from tissue damage at the microlevel. We might not know it initially, but the pain in the muscles or pain in the joints are all indicators that your body has gone through some tissue damage. The primary purpose of post-workout health supplement is to make you stronger, fitter, and increase muscles and not to lose it. Rebuilding and repairing of muscles will happen automatically in the body and so will the construction of new ones as well, but because this process takes a long time, it is always recommended to have some post-workout supplement, which will speed up the entire process. 

One post-workout supplement that you can try is Whey Depot. If you want to rebuild your muscles and want your body to recover fast from the damage caused during a workout session, then Whey Depot is ideal for you. Whey Depot is also suitable for those who are not sure about the nutrients there are providing to their body. Whey Depot contains all the nine essential amino acids, and this health supplement is often recommended by the trainers as well. Whey Depot is available in different flavours as well, for example, blueberry, chocolate caramel, cookies and cream, mocha latte, graham cracker malt, vanilla, strawberry cookies, and more.

The second post-workout supplement that is recommended is Secret Weapon Amino. It contains 7g BCAA, 3g Citrulline malate, and 5g L-Glutamine. Secret Weapon Amino is designed to provide support to your endurance level and not let the muscles to go through any kind of damage. We all know that amino acids are nothing but the building blocks of protein, and that’s why consuming Secret Weapon Amino can help you with muscle growth and finally boost performance as well.

Glutamine is the most common type of amino acid in the body. You’ll be interested in learning how it works and how it can benefit you. To begin, glutamine is produced by the muscles in your body. About 60 percent of the muscle tissues in your body are made up of glutamine.
It enters your bloodstream and is carried around to each of the organs in your body that need it. Your body may also require it for other functions. Generally, it provides the fuel, such as carbon and nitrogen, to all cells in your body. It can also make other chemicals in your body, including glucose for energy, and other types of amino acids.

L-Citrulline is one of the three dietary amino acids in the urea cycle, beside L-arginine and L-Ornithine. Consumption of L-Citrulline increases plasma levels of ornithine and arginine and improves the ammonia recycling process and nitric oxide metabolism. L-Citrulline is used in areas where nitric oxide is relevant, namely erectile dysfunction caused by high blood pressure, athletic performance, and cardiovascular health. There are very few foods that have notable amounts of citrulline.

Many people consider post-workout supplements as a window of opportunity because this is the time when you can provide essential nutrients to your body so that it can recover well from the damage caused to your muscles and overall body during rigorous training. If you feed your body adequately during this window, then your body will definitely see its benefits.