How to Get Lean Muscle at Home 2020

How to Get Lean Muscle at Home 2020

How to Get Lean Muscle at Home 2020

In this article, we will talk about How to Get Lean Muscle at Home. When you finish reading this article you should know what you must do in order to Get Lean Muscle at Home.

In order to get lean muscle, you need to pay attention to two important aspects. In the first category, we will talk about people who want to gain weight and muscle. In the second part of the article, we will be talking about people who want to lose weight and gain muscle. For each category, we will be discussing nutrition and workout diets. For counting calories and macronutrients we recommend getting a kitchen weight scale. For keeping track of your progress you should rely more on measurements made with a tailoring meter, photos made at regular intervals, or, if you have one, a scale that weighs your body composition(fat, bone, muscle, water). We recommend this because your body will have a change in its composition from gaining muscle but it may lose fat or water so the overall weight isn’t going to always be a good way of judging progress.

I. If you want to gain weight, you feel that you are a bit on the thinner side and want to add some muscle to you. This is the part of the article that is made for you.

First, let’s think about what you are going to eat. Since you want to put on some weight, you will need to eat more. By eating more it means that you must go and get a rough estimate of your minimum caloric intake for your daily activities and your body needs. In order to do this, the fastest way is to use an online calculator, where you introduce your age, weight, size, sex, etc. and get a number of calories for maintaining your weight. On that number, you should add 500 calories. The result is the number of calories you need to consume each day in order to gain weight.

You need to eat around one gram of proteins for every pound of weight you have. For an easy transformation from kilograms to pounds, multiply your weight in kilograms with 2.205. Besides proteins, you should get your calories from lots of vegetables and try to cut as much as possible processed food and foods rich in sugar or bad fats since they will make you predisposed to gaining fat.

Regarding the workout regime, you should start weight lifting exercises. This can be achieved at home with dumbbells or other gym equipment you have, but this is optional. You can still workout and Get Lean Muscle at Home without gym equipment. The solution to this is bodyweight exercises for calisthenics. You can use the weight of your body to make exercises and workouts in order to get muscles. There are plenty of free workout routines and programs online. That means in a few minutes of web searching you will be ready to get started. We hope that now you know How to Get Lean Muscle at Home.

II. If you are a bit on the bigger side of the weight spectrum you can still get muscle and lose weight. We will be talking about your diet and workout regime.

Regarding your diet, you should find your minimum needed calories for a day and try to eat 500 less, you have more details in the first part, where we talked about minimum calories needed for a day. You can try doing intermittent fasting, which means that you have an 8 hours a day to eat.. This is great because you can spend a big part of the other 16 hours sleeping. Another diet that will help you is the diet is IIFYM ( if it fits your macros), basically, you calculate how much protein, fats, and carbohydrates you need to eat in a day. You can eat anything as long as you are between your boundaries. Eating fast food or sweets, while permitted, will quickly fill your range and you may not feel as saturated. You can even combine fasting with this diet and get even better results.

Last but not least, we talk about what workouts you should do. One of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal when it comes to shedding weight and sowing big muscles is cardio. Cardio or cardiovascular exercises are the names proven to all exercises that make your heart rate increase. The most popular exercise known is running. A combination of long and steady runs together with short and fast sprints are a great way to get your heart beating. Cardio is a great way to burn some calories and most importantly to increase your metabolism. It’s important to increase your metabolism because when you have a fast metabolism your body processes and consumes energy faster which means you need more energy. This means, in simpler terms, that your body takes more energy to function so you will lose weight faster and after you lose the weight you wanted your minimum caloric intake increases. Besides cardio, you need to do weight lifting exercises. This can be achieved through lifting dumbbells or using other types of fitness machines but you can do this type of exercise with bodyweight as well. If you don’t have any type of gym equipment you can practice calisthenics or bodyweight exercises. This is a great start and will help you control and move your body a lot easier. A note we need to address here is the fact that the amount of muscles gained when on a caloric deficit is not going to be massive, especially if you are a trained individual. After you lost the fat you wanted you can start gaining back even more muscles and applying the first part of this article and Get Lean Muscle at Home.

We reached the end of this article and we hope that we answer the question “How to Get Lean Muscle at Home ?”.

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