DP Whey Depot protein Review – An Analysis of this Best-Selling Whey Protein in Malaysia

DP Whey Depot protein Review – An Analysis of this Best-Selling Whey Protein in Malaysia

DP Whey Depot protein Review - An Analysis of this Best-Selling Whey Protein in Malaysia

If you want to lose weight without losing any of your body muscles, then there is a formula that helps you healthily lose weight. This is DP Whey Depot protein. , and the end goal of this product is to help you with your muscle building while making you lose weight effectively. 

There are many products in the market, but nothing works like DP Whey Depot protein. Unfortunately, there are so many reviews claiming that DP Whey Depot protein is fake in Malaysia; however, to tell you the truth, this is just a stunt activity done by its competitors. DP Whey Depot is 100% original, and we wanted to make it clear before we even start with our review. 

What is DP Whey Depot Protein?

It is a good quality Whey Depot which helps in building muscles. The sole purpose of this whey protein is to keep working on your muscles day and night after consuming it. This whey protein has a biological value of 104 and is full of amino acids. Amino acids are required by your body to build muscles and repair damaged tissues. 

What does Whey Depot contain?

• 28 grams Protein from Whey protein only

• ZERO sugar

• 2 grams of Carbs

• 130 calories

Whey Depot Halal

What is the best flavour of DP Whey Protein?

The best selling DP Whey Protein in Malaysia is their Dutch chocolate flavour. However, it is available in four different flavours, which are- Dutch Chocolate, Mocha Latte EXP, Blueberry EXP, and Vanilla EXP. Other than the Dutch chocolate, the second-best flavour that people in Malaysia love is Mocha Latte EXP flavour. 

Many people often compare DP Whey Depot protein with other well-known 100% Whey Protein brand. If you are also wondering about which one is the best, then let us clear that thought for you. 

DP Whey Depot protein is not just any protein shake that you take after your routine exercise. It is a complete package which helps you build muscles along with losing weight adequately. 

DP Whey Depot protein doesn’t contain soy lecithin

Many protein shakes contain soy lecithin. Lecithin is a generic word for any group of yellow-brownish fatty substances found in amphiphilic animal and plant tissues – it attracts both water and fatty substances and is used to smooth food texture, emulsify, homogenize fluid mixtures and repel adhesive products. The purpose of lecithin is to make the shake creamier and to make it thick, but then it has its own disadvantages. Unfortunately, many manufacturers of whey protein powder, do add soy lecithin. Soy lecithin is extremely unhealthy for your body because it can affect your health. But the good news is, DP Whey Depot protein doesn’t contain soy lecithin at all. This is one protein shake which is extremely safe to consume. 

DP Whey Depot protein doesn’t contain amino spiking either 

There are tons of companies which are trying to earn more by deteriorating the quality of protein powder. They try to figure out new ways to build the bridge between losing money and end up adding unwanted and unnecessary items into their protein powder and play with the health of consumers. Now, that’s not a very good thing to do. Unfortunately, many companies also use amino spiking, which means using low-quality amino acid to save extra cost. Amino spiking is considered to be non-essential amino acids. 

But what you want is a natural amino acid which will keep you healthy, wealthy, and well. Plus, you need to have results too after consuming your protein shake. That’s when DP Whey Depot protein comes into the picture. It contains no amino spiking and only 100% pure amino acid. You will get 31780 mg of total amino acid per serving. 

Why is DP Whey Depot affordable and cheaper than other well-known brands?

DP Whey Depot protein is highly competitive in terms of its cost when you compare it with other brands. DP Whey Depot costs just RM260 for 10 lbs which is USD62. Although it is affordable, the manufacturer has maintained its high quality. 

However, since they are affordable, many companies started attacking DP Whey Depot protein and began spreading a false rumour about it claiming it to be a fake product! Now, that is not true at all. DP Whey Depot is formulated by DP Nutrition (USA), and they sell it exclusively to Binabadan.com, and they are the exclusive importer of this product. Binabadan.com is the only seller of DP whey protein and hence, you will find this product only on their site and can be seen selling it in Malaysia. It is essential to go through some highlight on all the false accusation that is being circulated all over the internet to divert the consumers of DP Whey Depot. 

Many people compare DP Whey Depot whey protein with so called GOLD Labelled Whey which may cost you RM340 to RM480 for 10lbs. 

Now, since Binabadan.com is the only importer of DP whey protein, and that is the reason why they are able to sell it at such low price. Binabadan.com sells this product directly to the buyers of DP whey protein, and they sell it almost at the wholesale cost. Otherwise, just like other companies, they could have also sold it at a higher price. Binabadan.com doesn’t deal with any third party. DP also doesn’t advertise their products on expensive magazines or TV advertisements claiming to be the best in the market. It’s the users of DP who have made this whey protein a popular supplement in Malaysia. Every marketing responsibilities of DP is taken by Binabadan.com as per their agreement with DP.

You can buy Whey Depot Whey Protein directly from binabadan.com and shopee.com.my/binabadan. And now, you know why DP Whey Depot is so affordable! DP whey protein is genuine and 100% legit product. The price is lower than other whey proteins only because of binabadan.com. One thing you should also understand is that retail price can never tell you about the quality of a product. Just because one is cheap and the other is expensive, doesn’t mean the cheaper product is inferior in quality and vice versa – Expensive Whey Protein does not mean that it is of high quality. 

Binabadan.com sends whey protein and other products for 3rd party protein analysis to make sure that the quality of the product is pure and 100% genuine. Here’s what the findings are:

• It gives you 28 grams of protein per 35 grams of serving 

• Contains no amino spiking 

• Contains no soy lecithin

• It has 80% of pure protein 

• Contains around 7 grams of BCAA per serving 

• It has around 5 grams of glutamine which occurs naturally

• It increases protein synthesis

• It enhances muscles and is suitable for losing weight too

Now, you know everything about DP Whey Depot protein and how genuine this whey protein is. Don’t go by what others say about it. DP Whey Depot protein is a legit product and not fake. You can easily buy it from binabadan.com and try it for yourself, and we will also recommend you to go through genuine reviews left by happy customers too.

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